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The Seafarers Sailing Club is a small, friendly club formed to encourage the sport of dinghy sailing by the promotion of racing, cruising and training. The clubhouse is situated on the Solent between Hill Head and Lee-on-Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight. The Club has approximately 130 paying members. As the majority have "family" membership, the number of people entitled to use our facilities is over 200. There are over 100 boat spaces in the compound which is usually just sufficient to meet members' demands. See About SSC for more details.

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Friday 30 June - Coffee Morning


Members and their guests can enjoy excellent company, as much freshly brewed filter coffee or tea as they can drink and as many biscuits (some gluten-free) as they can eat, all for a mere 50p. Simply turn up at the clubhouse between 11am and midday.

Saturday 1 July – Ladies and Families Day
Remember what a fun-filled day the family had last year? Ladies and Cadets enjoyed being pampered on and off the water by the menfolk.
Ladies and Families day is a fun day that is organised to encourage ladies, families and friends to come to the Club and to get out on the water. Pack a picnic and come down to the club at 10.30am (helpers at 10am please).
There will be relaxed pleasure sailing on offer for the ladies, younger members and their friends in the morning with our instructors and more experienced sailors on hand to give you a lesson, a few pointers or simply take you for a pleasure ride.

At 12.30pm we will all stop for a picnic lunch. Bring your lunch along but don't worry about drinks; we have a stock of refreshing beverages in the bar.
At about 2.30pm we will get the boats out again for an afternoon of light hearted fun on the water. Last year the Mad Hatter was trying to find Alice. This year the theme is Super Heroes, so get your thinking caps on and see if you can dress up. Are you a Wonder Woman or a Super Man? Why not decorate your boat? There must be some Bat Boats out there to take part in a fun-packed superhero race.
You will be off the water in time to change and relax before the bar opens at 5:00pm. For those who have booked, hot barbecued food with salads and rolls becomes available from 5.30pm – prepared and served by the men.
We are looking for volunteers to help with the sailing and we are also looking for chaps to prepare exciting salads for the barbecue. If you would like to help, please contact Justin, the .

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July – Fareham Creek Regatta – Gig Racing

Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club have again invited Seafarers to enter Ladies’ and Men’s teams into their annual competition.
If you would be interested in organising a Seafarers’ team or taking part, please contact .


Practice Sailing - Tuesdays and Saturdays
Practice sailing sessions start again after Training Week. They will take place on Tuesday evenings between 6th June and 29th August (on the water 18.30 - 20.00) and on Saturday mornings between 9th June and 2nd September (on the water 10.00 – 12.00). Dates and times are given in the Training Programme.
These sessions are open to all members and are intended to encourage a bit of practice, informal training or just a pootle about for fun. There will be a patrol boat on the water and the sessions will be subject to a minimum of three dinghies and a wind strength of F4 or below.
This is a self-help activity; those who make use of it will, naturally, want to help run it occasionally. Volunteers are required to act as coordinators, patrol boat crew and tractor drivers for each day. A table of dates and roles will be posted in the wetroom. If you would like to take on one of these roles, or help out on the beach or in the compound, please add your name to the table or contact Justin, the .
Please feel free to bring along your friends but remember to sign them into the Guest Book. You should advise them that any under the age of 18 will require a completed Parent/Guardian Declaration Form. They should also note that any under the age of 11 must be supervised by a Parent/Guardian at all times.

Did You Know?

Racing Rules - Outside Help
Did you know that if you receive outside help or assistance from the patrol boat during a race, you do not necessarily have to retire. Essentially, if you receive assistance but do not gain a significant advantage from that assistance then you do not automatically have to retire. The full detail is in Rule 41 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), which is well worth a read. Alternatively, have a chat with the Racing Secretary, the Commodore or the Principal.
Outside Help - The act of recovering a crew member from the water by another boat is allowed under rule 41. The boat will not normally be protested or penalised under this rule unless she has made significant progress in the race before the crew member is returned on board. However, when a boat may have gained a significant advantage as a result of help received, the race committee may protest her. The protest committee will not penalise actions based solely on safety considerations. Should you receive help under Rule 41(a), this is to be reported to the OOD, preferably by you, in accordance with the Club’s Sailing Instructions .
Under Rule 41, assistance to right a capsized boat is not permitted. So, if the patrol boat helps you with righting then you must retire.
A copy of 2017-2020 World Sailing Rules can be downloaded here .