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Welcome to the Seafarers Sailing Club website.

Seafarers Sailing Club is a small, friendly club formed to encourage the sport of dinghy sailing by the provision of racing, cruising and training. The clubhouse is situated on the Solent between Hill Head and Lee-on-Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight. The Club has approximately 130 paying members. As the majority have "family" membership, the number of people entitled to use our facilities is over 200. There are over 100 boat spaces in the compound which is usually just sufficient to meet members' demands. See About SSC for more details.

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Forthcoming Events

Friday 21 September - Skittles Evening
For those who have booked, the skittles evening at The Crofton in Hill Head is from 7:00pm with play starting at 7:30pm and food from 8:00pm.

Sunday 23 September - Cruise 6

The provisional destination for Cruise 6 is The Folly Inn on the River Medina south of Cowes. Why not come down and enjoy a cruise? Please be at the Club by 9:30am.
HW Portsmouth on 23rd September is at 11:33am.
For guidance on Club cruising go to the Cruising page. For information on our popular cruise destinations, including The Folly Inn, go to the Cruise Navigation page.
The current weather forecast for Sunday includes some strong winds. If the forecast does not improve, the cruise may have to be cancelled. Watch this Space; any changes will be posted here and on the Club's Facebook page.

Tuesday 25 September - 42 Days Notice for AGM Items
The 2018 A.G.M. will be held on Tuesday 6th November. Members attention is drawn to the following extract from the “Meetings of the Club” section of the Club Rules:
No business, except the passing of the accounts and the election of the Officers, Committee, Trustees and Honorary Auditors, and any business that the Committee may order to be inserted in the notice convening the meeting shall be discussed at such meeting unless notice of it is given in writing by a member entitled to vote to the Honorary Secretary at least forty-two days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
Items for the AGM should be sent to Mike Couzens, the . The final date for submission is Tuesday 25th September 2018.

Friday 28 September - Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee

The coffee morning this month - in the clubhouse from 11am on Friday 28th - will be part of Macmillan Cancer's worldwide annual event.
In addition to the usual (exceptional quality) filter coffee, there will be some very tasty cakes available for members and their guests (including at least one gluten free cake). All of this will be totally free but there will be a collection box. Last year, helped by gift-aiding, we raised approximately £115 for MacMillan Cancer. With your help, this year we'll do better.


Club Merchandise

The Club has been putting together a range of 'Club Merchandise'. The items currently available to members are:
  • Polo Shirts (Men's and Women's) from £12
  • Musto Polo Shirts from £50
  • Hoodies (Zip and Pullover) from £27
  • Gilets from £32
All the items come complete with a choice of a Seafarers Logo or Pennant and in a choice of colours. Other options available at £6 each are:
  • Personalised Text under left chest Logo or Pennant
  • Personalised Text on nape and/or under Pennant on nape
  • Personalised Text on right sleeve and/or under Pennant (not on Gilet)
  • Personalised Text (large) on back
For more details go to the WebCollect Home page and click on Club Merchandise.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, please place your order on WebCollect, make the bank transfer (cash and cheques are also acceptable) and you will be wearing your own Seafarers kit in no time!
In order to keep the costs down, there will be restrictions on the availability of hoodies due to minimum order/P&P charges. Therefore hoodies will only be available at certain times of the year. This will be announced by email and in WebCollect.
If you have any questions please contact Debbie Woolnough, the Club's .

Practice Sailing in September (Saturdays Only)

Opi Sailing
The Saturday morning Practice Sailing sessions, including Optimists, will continue during September. As always, this will depend upon the weather and the availability of volunteer helpers including a Coordinator, Patrol Boat Crews and a Tractor Driver. It will also depend upon attendance - a minimum of three boats.
Practice Sailing Sessions are run in accordance with Practice Sailing and the use of club boats is governed by the Club Boats policy.
Please feel free to bring along your friends but remember to sign them into the Guest Book. You should advise them that any under the age of 18 will require a completed Parent/Guardian Declaration Form. They should also note that any under the age of 11 must be supervised by a Parent/Guardian at all times.

Security - Last One Out
Please remember, if you are at the Club and the last person to leave you need to lock up. That is the case even if it is during the day and you are going out for a sail. Sometimes it is difficult to know if anyone else is around so, if you do decide to head out, please make a quick check and, if no-one is around, turn off the urn in the kitchen, check all interior lights are off (wet room lights are automatic), check boathouse and lounge closed and alarmed, close the clubhouse door (alarm sets automatically), turn off the water in the compound and lock the gates to the compound. If someone is there, make sure they intend to stay before you leave things unlocked.