Local Weather

Seafarers Sailing Club is located on the northern edge of the Solent (see the "How to find SSC" page for an exact location). The prevailing wind is from the southwest ie the direction of Cowes. The warmth on summer days can lead to a robust sea breeze from this direction.

Actual Weather

A weather station has been set up on a post on the Brambles Bank which is about 2 miles from SSC in the direction of the prevailing wind. The website at Bramblemet holds the weather information gathered from this weather station.

Hill Head Sailing Club is a mile or so to the northwest of SSC so the weather conditions are very similar and they have their own weather station. Their live weather feed can be found here.

Stokes Bay Sailing Club is three miles southeast of SSC. Their weather information can be found here. Use the 'Weather' drop-down menu to select 'Summary' or 'Live Data'.

Forecast Weather

The UK Met Office's forecast for the Seafarers' area ('Hill Head Beach') can be found at here.

Another local forecast will be found at Lee on the Solent Weather.

This link is a gliding weather site but it does display a detailed wind map over the country. It seems to gather weather information from various airports and other sites around the country. One of the sites appears to be Mengeham Rye Sailing Club located to the east of Hayling Island.


Tide in ? Tide out ? Long pull up the beach with the boat ? See this link for current tidal information at Porstmouth.