Club Duty Crew Guides

One member from each membership (i.e. one per family) is obliged to carry out five duties per year. At Seafarers, being "duty" involves being part of the team or crew running a Club race. These occur on race days on Thursday evenings, Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings and Public Holidays. A substitute needs to be arranged if you are unable to attend.

A set of comprehensive guides have been produced to help members to carry out their duties. These guides are contained within the Seafarers Sailing Club "Standard Operating Procedures" (SOP). Copies of the SOP are available to all Club members.

There are four guides, as follows:

  1. Guide for Officers of the Day and Deputy Officers of the Day Guide (OOD & DOOD)
  2. Guide for Patrol Boat Helms and Crew
  3. Guide for Tractor Drivers
  4. Guide for Beach Crew