Cruising Guidelines

Before the Cruise

Cruise Leader

Before each cruise the Cruise Leader (Cruise Secretary or his nominated deputy) will:

All Helms

Each Dinghy Helm is to ensure that:


During the Cruise

During a cruise the Cruise Leader is to communicate with the Shore Contact:

Upon Return

On return from a cruise the Cruise Leader will:


You may wish to sail single handed. This is fine provided you are confident of your abilities and have a suitable buddy boat. However, solo sailing is not encouraged or supported by the Club. If you do so it will be at your own risk. You would be prudent to inform someone ashore of your itinerary and ETA/ETR as above.

If you decide to separate from an organised cruise, you should inform the Cruise Leader. From that point, you proceed at yoyur own risk.

Shore Contact

A Shore Contact can be any person who has agreed with the Cruise Leader to be contacted to confirm the safe arrival of the cruisers at their destination and on return.

In the unlikely event that that the cruise does not return, the Shore Contact should raise the alarm either by calling HM Coastguard and/or by contacting any member of the Club.

Club members would have access to the Cruise Sign On Sheet left in the ‘Wet Room’. The information on the Sheet should be provided to HM Coastguard to assist with coordinating any search.