Craft Corner


At about the time that husband, Clive, was elected Commodore of Seafarers, Gill Dakin decided to organise some craft workshops.

The invitation to the first session, sent out at the beginning of March 2013, spelled out Gill's aims:

Gill Dakin

We would like to invite anyone with hobbies/skill, or a general interest, in craft to come and join us for a couple of hours. We will be meeting every Saturday throughout the sailing season.

This is a new social venture; the sessions will evolve as we go along. We will bring various craft/hobby items to share with others or to complete whilst enjoying company and a coffee. We have a wealth of talent within our sailing club. It would be great if a few people felt happy to demonstrate their craft so that we can all have a taste of something new.

There will be an area set up to exchange books. We will have a small kitty to provide snacks and drinks.

Five Excellent Seasons

It soon became clear that every Saturday was a little ambitious. However, for the following five years there was a Craft Corner session approximately once every month throughout the sailing season. By the end of the 2017 season there had been a total of 37 sessions enjoyed by a varied but enthusiastic clientele.

For a Summary of the 37 Sessions, click here.

Reports on individual sessions can be seen by clicking on the appropriate link below:

The Future

After five years, Gill Dakin has decided to hand over the reins. Although there is strong support for the Craft Corner to continue, nobody has yet stepped forward to take over the role of organising next season's sessions.

Watch this space!


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