Club Archives

On this page you can access several sources of information concerning Seafarers Sailing Club since its foundation in 1961.

Another source of archive material is the collection of Club Newsletters. At present the facility will allow you to view newsletters published since 1998. This will eventually be extended to 1984.

The Gallery is an archive of photographs. While there are still hundreds of old photographs to be added, the gallery already contains some images from as early as 1961.

Yet another source of archive material is the collection of Cruise Reports. This includes reports on some of the flotilla holidays to Greece, Croatia and Turkey to accompany photographs of these trips in the Gallery. More flotilla reports should soon become available.

Golden Jubilee Booklet

The Club was founded in January 1961. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its foundation, in 2011 a Golden Jublilee Booklet was produced that identified some of the highlights in the Club's development.

Prize Winners and Trophies

Have you forgotten when you won the Under Half Ton Cup? Ever wondered if your father or aunt, who was a Club member in the 1970s, was ever presented with an award. Take a look at this Record of Prize Winners.

If you would like to know the backround to each of the Club's trophies and those who donated them, click here.

Date of Joining

Have you forgotten when you joined Seafarers? If you can remember when you joined last time, how about the time before? Would you like to know when a relative joined eg your father? A table is available showing, if available, the date that named individuals joined the Club. The table covers the period from the formation of Seafarers, January 1961, to the present day. The latest edition of this table, titled DateOfJoining, can be downloaded by going to the WebCollect Home Page and clicking on the Club Documents icon. Alternatively, simply click here. (Remember, you have to sign in to WebCollect to access this area.)

Minutes of Club General Meetings

This archive contains transcripts of the minutes of all Club general meetings from 1961. It covers meetings up to three years ago. The minutes of more recent meetings are available to members via WebCollect.

Select the minutes you would like to read from the following list and then click on "Read Minutes".